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Loom is a device to weave cloth and tapestry. Loom is also the title for an exhibition where Célia Esteves from GUR, the illustrator Julio Dolbeth and Miscelanea Gallery, conjoined ideas to invite Portuguese and Spanish artists to express themselves into the rough but still delicate rag rugs technique from the Portuguese handcrafts.

The illustrations converted to the limitations of the loom are translated into simple designs, like dots or pixels, enhancing multiple possibilities from the free hand drawings.

Still full of possibilities “LOOM” is the presentation of those results and how the translation of complex designs can be converted by this medium. 
All rugs by GUR are handmade.
Held in a traditional handloom with raw rag.
Embossing technique or colours overlaying.
Finished with basic sewing.
GUR rugs are made to order especially for you.
It may take up to 4/5 weeks to ship your product.
Material: 100% Cotton
Dimensions: 47" by 27,5" (120cm x 70cm)

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